1. My home.

A place of immense value to me. A place filled with memories. A place where I learnt more about the nuances of life than anywhere else. A place filled with peace and laughter. A place where I grew up a little every year. A place where I had amazing times. SubhaanAllah! I pray that Allah keeps us protected from evil and increase love and peace in this home. Always.

2. Home-made Food.

Pure luxury. Due to the tremendous pressures of daily life and travel, especially few months before my wedding, home made food had been something we used to indulge in less frequently. But praise be to Allah, ever since I settled down, I am so thankful about having healthy eating habits here. Home made delicious meals right here at home and ON TIME!!!! Alhamdulillah!

3. Home-made Yoghurt!!!

Not the no-taste refrigerated yoghurt we get abroad. This is the full cream home-made-yoghurt! THAT makes me so happy:) I take it with every meal!!!!! They say I have more yoghurt in my meals than my actual meal.

4. Coffee with real full cream milk.

Coffee definitely definitely tastes better with desi milk I tell you. No comparison to Starbucks, Seattle’s Best, Dome’s and all the other Hi-fi cafe’s. Come and try the coffee here. Tea also for that matter.

5. Dadi Ammi’s smile.

The most loving woman I have ever met with the most charming smile in the world. And her twinkling laugh. MashAllah. Ask me to describe her in one word? “Pure”. That’s it. Pure.

6. Holding my husband’s hand.

Needs no explanation. Best feeling in the world.

7. Getting all set to watch a movie at home.

Arranging the chairs/pillows/laptop/speakers…..all that preparation to watch a movie is so exciting. Regardless of the outcome of the movie…..It’s just a nice feeling to get ready to watch a movie at home.

8. Reading

One of the best English based Islamic magazines I’ve come across -Jummah magazine. I read and re-read the old issues. Always a nice feeling to be in touch with good literature. And of course, a good book in hand, so good that you want to finish the entire thing in that very weekend itself. Makes me so happy.

9. Listening about various events from the lives of our elders

I think whenever our elders share their experiences and those little little incidents from their lives, it enriches us with a feeling of being a part of something greater. There are lessons transmitted from those experiences. There is a feeling of being connected to a family. To our grandparents and their lives. And I realize that it is essential for us, young or old, to try to understand the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors. It truly makes us less self-centered. Less individualistic. Our young must have the pleasures of having good relationships with their grand parents, must have a chance to get to know them and to learn from them. InshAllah.

10. Little kids barely able to talk or walk.

So very innocent and so very cute. They can bring so much happiness in an instant. While growing up, we often would have our neighbour’s kids over for babysitting. So much fun. Pure unadulterated fun. (Of course, they would be sent back when nappies had to be changed…which is a little mean to say) The memories of those 2 yr olds, or 3 yr olds, who spent so much time at our place are forever engraved in our minds. Those baby babbles. Those innocent expressions. Learning stuff from us and telling their parents. Our TVs and PCs would be forgotten when they would visit us. I miss my little friends from muscat and dubai. My well wishes to them, who are now all grown into beautiful people.