To Him we return


Verily, to Him we belong and verily, to Him we return (Qur’an 2:156)

It took me a while to understand what this little phrase means and why it helps us to move on after suffering a loss.

The feeling of belonging becomes more ingrained in us the longer we are in duniya. It is essential to remind ourselves that if there is indeed anything that belongs to anyone then it is us and we belong to Allah and Him alone. Once we realize this fact and understand the temporary nature of our existence, everything comes into perspective. When we lose something of value (or someone), we must remind ourselves once again that we must move on to complete our assigned tasks in duniya and then return to Him, without the person or thing you lost.


Keep it real [Beauty]

I’m all for embracing your natural hair and your natural eyebrows. No falsies, keep it real. That says something about your personality. That you don’t need to buckle down to others’ definition of beauty. Your looks don’t define you, your attitude does.

I think well-groomed does not translate to “etch a sketch” eyebrows. For example, Lilly Collin’s eyebrows are a style statement in itself. Go figure.