Aussie Ramblings

I took a career break last year and thought I should note down my memories somewhere. These are some of my experiences while I was in Australia.


A cool refreshing mountain breeze,
Solitude and rustling trees,
A blast of color from an eclectus parrot,
Trail running, sprinting, walking,
Searching for koala bears on eucalyptus trees.
Splendid nature along the way,
With spectacular views at the top.

Bird watching, pet dogs barking,
dodging daring parakeets who don’t mind flying
Close to your head while returning
Back to their home tree.

The strange laughing kookaburra,
The zing like whistle of a strange bird,
Beautiful green parrots,
And colourful bugs, maybe poisonous too.

Curling up, reading books on my kindle
Having ice creams with a tingle,
Watching sitcoms late into the night,
Suppressing giggles because the walls seem feeble.

Roti chicken at the dosa place at Mt Gravatt,
Tubs of frozen yogurt at the mall
Spicy biryani to end the weekend,
Baking experiments and delicious smells,
Cookies, cakes and what not.

The best part of my break,
Having baby sleep in my arms
The sweetest welcome smiles when he got up
The cutest baby babbles,
Naughty little twinkles,
And his cheeks, just like a toy turtle’s.


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