Aussie Ramblings

I took a career break last year and thought I should note down my memories somewhere. These are some of my experiences while I was in Australia.
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Keep it real [Beauty]

I’m all for embracing your natural hair and your natural eyebrows. No falsies, keep it real. That says something about your personality. That you don’t need to buckle down to others’ definition of beauty. Your looks don’t define you, your attitude does.

I think well-groomed does not translate to “etch a sketch” eyebrows. For example, Lilly Collin’s eyebrows are a style statement in itself. Go figure.

Marry Miss Universe?

This ad which is plastered all over malls and billboards saying “Marry Miss Universe or Stay Single” is completely offensive and gives an extremely negative message to today’s girls and boys. In today’s highly sexualised environment, girls are under tremendous pressure to look good and being told that they should be nothing short of aiming to be like Miss Universe is such a perverse statement. Classic example of misogynous world we live in.

If a boy is with someone who is less attractive than a model, thinks that it’s his right to ditch them as he wishes. The message is to stay single, anyone who does not look like miss universe can be dumped. It’s a heartless tasteless ad. And anyone in their right sensibilities should be careful to what message their ads convey to the young impressionable generation.