Falling leaves

falling leaves

Let your worries fall away
Like leaves gently swaying
And gracefully fluttering down
Not a ripple, not a tear
But a sight pleasing to the eye
And sounds pleasing to the ear

Quiet solitude in nature
Calms the soul
Lulls the mind

I wonder how
A little green spot
Away from the world
Is just like a zen like space
In a noisy head

Blessed is he who finds it


New Year’s Eve – What’s your dua?


Well new year’s eve is here. Just back from a family dinner and some last minute shopping before I travel back home InshAllah in two day’s time. Our cashier was a young Palestinian man, called Ayham, and my thoughts go out to the palestini people. What can they do, really?

The night sky of Dubai today was thick with a gloomy fog dampening the spirits of the new year hopefuls who wanted to celebrate in spite of the government’s decision to tone down this year’s parties and celebrations. Don’t blame them, why would anyone else be bothered about this dying community. Everyone has their own problems. Some lost their jobs, some lost their homes, some lost their lives and their children….

This new year’s eve, what I feel is, anger. As though the blockade for medical supplies or food (or anything for that matter) into Gaza was not enough, killing 400+ people and mutilating hundreds is their way of wishing a happy new year. Just minus the Palestinian people. Arab League wants UN to condemn Israeli attacks. What? That’s it. Good move, chumps. Diplomatic, you call it? Not working. Protests on streets haven’t helped either. They don’t want to stop the war on gaza, they’ll kill and kill until everyone forgets how they occupied Palestine in 1967. Hundreds of people are standing united on the streets of Ramalla with candles, right now calling us, the international community for help.

For tonight, my heart and my thoughts are with the Palestinian people, the children, the mothers, the injured, those who have lost hope, and those who have been oppressed to an incredible degree. My prayers and my duas are for you. This new year’s eve, I pray for peace and stability for the oppressed, I pray that the Arab nations unite and fight the oppressors, I pray that we, as individuals try to help them in anyway we can.


A simple phrase, yet, such profound meaning in our lives. Peace.


The simple sense of tranquility and soundness experienced in our body and soul, when everything feels just right.

So serene. So calm. The word peace itself has a warm calming effect on my mind.

When you are in the moment….

when you are completely at ease….

with yourself and your surroundings.

A flutter of a butterfly’s wings,

The twitter of a bird on the porch,

The calm morning slowly lifting the sleepiness of the night

The peace you feel early in the morning.

The peace you feel in the arms of the one you love.

Its an amazing feeling…to be stationary, to be peaceful and watch everyone and everything from this perspective. Like a bird, from a mountaintop, perched gently among the mist…and gazing at the world. The hurry, the military behavior, the routine, frozen in a slot of time, created by man, for man…..running to keep up. In pursuit of a perfect life.

A perfect life….is a perfect lie.
Because life is temporary. Ain’t it? 🙂

Peace be upon you all.