For peace of mind…Do this!

I read up on what one can do for peace of mind in Islam. I remember my dad used to talk about these amazing verses from the Holy Quran which basically asks you to put full your faith and trust in Allah, and accept Him as the best Helper, best Manager of affairs and best of Protectors. A very good reminder indeed.

1. He alone is our Guardian and Protector.

Try to recite the following words abundantly, keeping in mind, the meaning of what you recite.

Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal-wakeel
Allah is sufficient for us and is the best one to put trust in

Neymal moula wa neyamun naseer
He is the best of the Masters, He is the best of helpers.

2. In the remembrance of Allah, hearts find rest.

Remembrance signifies many things….it’s called dhikr in arabic. It signifies reciting certain words, or one of Allah’s names, that help the mind focus and bring peace to the heart. Words like the one mentioned in point 1.

I believe the mind (presence of mind or conscience) is located in the heart. The brain is the direct connection to this body. The heart is the direct connection to the soul. So doing things that strengthens the heart and will power, gives strength to the human soul and hence brings about inner peace. Examples of this would be fasting the whole month of Ramadhan, giving charity regularly, etc. Things that go against the natural self (Fitrah in arabic), causes imbalance, disturbances, discomfort and hence restlessness in the soul. Examples of going against the soul, is like ignoring the truth, or neglecting the poor, or not reacting to an opportunity to help someone, not being kind or selfless, assuming that there is no purpose in this life, or that there is no God, stuff like that. The more we try to achieve our true self, our fitrah, the more peaceful we get. This philosophy is practiced by many religions. Meditation, remembrance, yoga, etc. It has to be done regularly and persistently to gain the benefits.

“Those who believe, and whose hearts find their rest in the remembrance of Allah–for, verily, in the remembrance of Allah hearts do find their rest.” [Quran 13:28]

3. Do the ‘Sajda”. Surrender.

Almost all religions recommend this posture. That is the physical act of worship where you completely surrender to Allah by bowing down. Doing it regularly and often reinforces the fact in our mind that we are not in control of anything, to realize that we are ‘owned’ or manufactured by the Creator. Nothing belongs to us. No one belongs to us. We all belong to Him. And that we have been put here on earth for a purpose. Everything that happens to us is a test. All the series of events in our life and those around us have a purpose and divine wisdom in it. So do the Sajda. Do it as part of the five daily formal prayers or Salah or Namaz. Do it simply. FYI, Informal prayer or dua is reaching out to him anywhere, anytime anyway you like. Both are recommended.

4. Recite, Recite, Recite.

Reading the Quran, and pondering over its meanings is another form of soul-food. Another sentence in the Quran, (which I keep telling myself too) is that “There is no soul which is given more than it can bear.” (Quran 2: 286) I think, I’ve mentioned this before. Lots of sentences full of wisdom found in there. With so many distractions today, I think a major part of our ability to focus has been hurt. We need to work on establishing a no-distraction time to read the Quran. So switch off your phones and start reading a little bit everyday! Inshallah.